BREAKING: Trump Proven Right About Russia – Evidence Stuns Nation

This is a fantastic 5-part tale of leftist propaganda being exposed.

First, a story came out during Donald Trump’s presidency about so called ‘Russian Bounties’ on American targets.

Second, Trump did not jump on the bandwagon and instead pushed back against the narrative.

Third, the left-wing media lost its collective mind that Trump could dare question such a thing.

Fourth, the truth just came out that “intel” wasn’t at all what it appeared to be and that Trump was correct.

Fifth, we all laugh at the media for being idiots. Again.

“The Washington Post fact-checker gave President Donald Trump ‘four Pinocchios’ last year when he pushed back against claims that Russia was paying Taliban terrorist bounties to kill U.S. troops — a story now walked back by U.S. intelligence,” reports Breitbart News.

Queue the laughing.

Biden made fun of Trump for the position but now his own intel agencies are admitting they have “low to moderate” confidence in the story after all.

More laughing.

Biden press secretary Jen Psaki won’t comment on whether Biden should apologize to Trump and Washington Post has not updated its story.

Much more laughing.

To read more, and laugh more, about this story, click here.

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  1. We already knew the msm and swamp are racist liars. Biden is in the thick of it with his corrupt administration.

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