BREAKING: Trump Overthrow Warning – White House Stunned

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh just responded to former Defense Secretary James Mattis’ attacks on President Trump. Limbaugh pointed out Trump needs to defeat the forces attempting to overthrow him.

Mattis criticized Trump for not showing the desire to unify Americans. Limbaugh responded by saying, “You know, this refrain in Mattis’ piece (impression), “I don’t even see Donald Trump trying to unite the country. Presidents are supposed to try to unite the country. You know what? I don’t even see President Trump trying.” How blind must you be? Unify the country? We’re so beyond that, it’s laughable.”

The division has been growing since the election of President Trump as Democrats have gone on a scorched earth campaign against the President.

Limbaugh continued saying, “The objective right now is simple. It is to defeat the forces that are arrayed against us out there that are attempting to overthrow the Trump administration and continue this coup and to rip to shreds the Constitution.”

James Mattis may be an American hero but he is also out of touch with what is happening in America politically.

President Trump has been fighting an insurrection since he stepped in office. He is also not the one responsible for the division in America. Mattis should save his harsh words for the Democrats.

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