BREAKING: Trump ORDERED Out – White House Furious

The mayor of Portland, Oregon, has ordered President Trump to pull federal agents out of the city after rioters and protestors were detained.

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler said in a press conference, “Keep your troops in your own buildings, or have them leave our city.”

Federal agents have been tasked with defending federal property in the city and have not hesitated to arrest rioters and protestors who attack federal buildings.

Wheeler has consistently sided with violent protestors over law enforcement. He has allowed things to get so bad that protestors have attacked federal agents with deadly weapons.

Wheeler, not President Trump, is responsible for the situation in Portland. Trump has been forced to deploy federal agents because Wheeler can’t maintain order in his city.

Still, this hasn’t stopped the mayor and other Oregon figures from condemning President Trump and promising legal action. Portland authorities are more interested in attacking President Trump than prosecuting the criminals destroying their own city.

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