BREAKING: Trump Officially Welcomed Back Back – Voters Get Shock News

Former President Donald Trump is officially being welcomed back and his fans couldn’t be more happy about it.

Iowans are absolutely excited to welcome President Trump back to Iowa,” Rep. Ashley Hinson said.

Hinson said Iowans are fed up with Biden’s leadership. “It’s failure after failure,” said Hinson, “Iowans clearly want common-sense policies, but all they’re getting from the Biden administration are broken promises after broken promises. And when you look at President Biden and the work that he has supposedly done, all he’s done is caused a crisis everywhere you look. You talk about the thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the grocery store lines, where Iowans are paying more for everyday goods because of inflation, and you talk about those jobs, numbers, and the direct correlation there.”

“We’ve seen the biggest dive towards socialism, not only in the policies proposed but in the policies implemented,” continued Hinson. “And so, all of these things are compounding, and it’s the wrong direction for our country. But that’s exactly why President Trump is welcome in Iowa today, because I don’t have a tolerance for broken promises. And we know President Trump followed through on those promises and delivered for the American people.

Trump’s blue collar appeal resonated with the common sense base in 2016 in Iowa. However, the practicality of the state’s demographic is likely to be less than impressed with the progressive, woke approach of Biden’s tenure.

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