BREAKING: Trump Now Says NO To Second Time – Nation Stunned

President Donald Trump just said ‘no’ to a second time. Millions of Americans across the nation are completely stunned — they never expected to hear such an abrupt, shocking announcement.

“We made a great deal, on the phase one deal,” Trump said, referring to his trade deal with China. “The last thing I think about right now is phase two. It’s the last thing I’m thinking about right now, is a China phase two deal, after what they did to us on the China virus.”

He made these comments during an exclusive interview with Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News. Trump, unlike his predecessors, has no problem holding the Chinese government accountable for its actions — and the COVID-19 crisis is no exception.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) must be taught a lesson and this is one way Trump is doing it — by ceasing further negotiations on trade. He has also taken several other steps to show the CCP he is serious.

“But you also look at what I’ve done to them on tariffs—massive tariffs,” said Trump. “We’ve taken in literally hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs. It’s had an impact that’s positive. We’ve given $28 billion to our farmers because they were targeted by China.”

By contrast, Joe Biden is weak on China. He has repeatedly made excuses for its tyrannical government, most likely because the Democratic Party and the Chinese Communist Party are practically geopolitical allies. Trump must be re-elected.

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