BREAKING: Trump NAILS Obama – Executive Order Makes It Official

President Donald Trump just completely nailed former President Barack Obama. His executive order made it official — and now there’s no going back to the status quo. This is incredible news.

Continuing his rollback of the Obama agenda, Trump’s executive order “aims to make hundreds of deregulations in the age of coronavirus permanent, something that would amount to a massive overhaul of regulatory policy.”

According to Fox News, the executive order instructs agencies to review “more than 600 regulatory actions — mostly deregulations” that have been enacted during the COVID-19 to see “which ones should be made permanent.”

In order to better facilitate the nationwide response to the coronavirus, many regulations were temporarily suspended. But why can’t some or even all of them remain that way? This is what Trump wants determined.

During Obama’s tenure, any new or enhanced regulation was a good idea to him — and that’s because he believes that government is the answer to all problems. However, Trump has taken a dramatically different approach.

As a successful businessman, he knows that too much regulation kills job, innovation, and freedom. In fact, Trump said before signing the order, “We’ve done far more regulation cutting than any president in history.”

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