BREAKING: Trump Murder Bombshell – Nation Stunned

A ‘murder’ bombshell just dropped and the media is tying it back to former President Donald Trump. Millions of people are stunned. Don’t buy it.

“Now, Donald Trump didn’t pull the trigger in Atlanta, but Donald Trump certainly was responsible for the anger and the fear and the suspicion that exists in great degree in this country,” said MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle.

It is about what you would expect from the peanut gallery that is MSNBC, but nonetheless shocking. During his absurd, offensive tirade, Barnicle presents no proof to his assertion — he only regurgitates ‘woke’ left-wing vomit.

He accused Trump of stoking “racial animosity,” which is ridiculous in and of itself. But the context here — with the backdrop of the horrific shooting in Atlanta — makes Baricle’s accusation all the more troubling and insane.

To recap, a 21-year-old man went on a shooting spree. Eight victims “were shot at three massage parlors in Georgia” and this “string of attacks that left mostly women of Asian descent dead” has rightly shocked the nation.

Barnicle is implying strongly that Trump’s rhetoric has something to do with the attack, but thinking people need to ask: When did Trump spread any anti-Asian rethoric whatsoever? Well, he didn’t, and Barnicle couldn’t even give an example.

Read the full story here.

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24 Responses

  1. U know msnbc all of your reporters lie, they wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if they were getting paid to tell it. U know u can go to hell for lying same as stealing. Have fun down there all of you. 👹👿😈👹

    1. too bad MSNBC does not actually step up and accept responsibility to the anger, hate, and lies they spew out on a daily basis.

      CNN, MSNBC, CBS, facebook, and twitter have created a hate filled environment. Every shooting in america is their fualt.

  2. So they tried to frame him on numerous charges when he was in office, btw when is the MSM and communist Dems going to be held accountable for paying to try and frame President Trump? This pos wanna be reporter needs to get another line of work.

  3. This is unreal. He could not be responsible for something like this . If this is the case we best get busy on the top level of the Democratic Party.

    1. This is just another example of the fake news media not reporting news but making up crap to spew on america.

      Of course the foolish and immature will be brainwashed by this nonsense and then they will go out and cause more death and destruction due to MSNBC’s lies.

      MSNBC needs their business license pulled for causing an immediate threat to america. If they ever get the license back they need to be banned from using the tern news.

  4. Just when is the PISSANT media going to tell the TRUTH, that it is the IDIOTS who are (fraudulently) in the WH and who are responsible for all the chaos and lies, and deceitful dealings by giving our country away to our enemies for their own profits and destroying the RIGHTS of the citizens of the U.S..

  5. Why aren’t the democrats going after Hillary for her part in the deaths of Bengazi, and the aide that was murdered in D.C. ?, I vaguely remember some 30 murders connected to her and bill….where is the outrage???
    It’s no wonder the American people have zero trust in the democrat party.
    What a joke!

  6. If this liberal nut job believes this, then he surely will have to blame Antifa and BLM for the drive by shootings resulting the murder of scores of innocent little black children every year.

  7. I told you so,when you voted for some of these people that you put into office they would turn around and bite you in the rear,with high taxes,weaken our secirity, and loss of jobs. Way to go you asked for it.

  8. Democrats try to make themselves look better by trying to make their opponents look worse. It’s a trick that many teenagers use. I guess Democrats haven’t developed beyond their teen years!

  9. President Trump is the best president Americans ever had in history congress is the most corrupt politician Americans ever had in history congress is corrupt and a bag can of worms

    1. yes he was. he was a great president and I admire him for fighting for us as hard as he did. Even the stupid republicans did not really back him.

      If trump ever needs a place to get away from everyone he can hide at my house.

    2. You are so correct. Trump was the best president American citizens have had in many years. Congress is corrupt.

  10. Hey DAILY CONSERVATIVE your headlines are nothing more than sensationalism Trump murder Swawell caught.
    You sound like MSM!
    Tone it down and be more truthful

  11. They continue to blame Trump bc it makes news ; Trump vs Asians is fake news; Each Time u blame Trump nobody is no longer interested; we have better things to attend to than listen to fake news

  12. Oh please MSNBC & all you other FAKE NEWS you say more lies on the news in 5mims. than most say in a week, you accuse falsely, invent fake news, lie, try to get your viewers to hate the people you invent stories about & never once does the TRUTH SLIP THROUGH YOUR MOUTHS! Please SHUT UP, your news MSNBC is already going down hill your viewers are leaving you left & right & your trying to keep Trump in your news to get ratings up! How sad are you!

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