BREAKING: Trump Murder Bombshell – Nation SHOCKED

The news just dropped with a bombshell claim and President Donald Trump’s name has been invoked. Millions of people across the nation are shocked and demanding answers, but it looks like the radical left is up to its old tricks again.

“Of the 10s of thousands of lies this Sociopath has told, saying the Coronavirus has turned a corner is unmitigated evil,” tweeted Hollywood director Rob Reiner. “It is premeditated murder.”

Reiner, best known for directing films such as A Few Good Men and When Harry Met Sally, has been an anti-Trump warpath ever since Trump took office. This tweet accusing the president of “premeditated murder” is par for the course.

A few months ago, he even repeated the Democrat lie that Trump called the coronavirus a hoax, saying that “f you’re the most influential person in America and you tell the public that a deadly viral pandemic is a hoax … you might be an accessory.”

The Hollywood leftist, of course, is implying that Trump is responsible for COVID-related deaths based upon something he never said. Even mainstream media outlets and Snopes (eventually) debunked this erroneous claim.

But the alliance between the immoral black-hole of Hollywood and the Democratic Party persists unabated, and Americans will soon have a choice to make at the ballot box: Give in to manufactured fear or re-elect a president who puts this country first.

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