BREAKING: Trump Murder Announcement Stuns Nation [Developing]

Actress and singer Bette Midler called for former President Donald Trump to be arrested for the attempted murder of President Joe Biden on Friday in a tweet, based on a revelation from his former chief of staff Mark Meadows that he tested positive for the coronavirus on September 26, three days before his televised debate with Biden.

Despite the fact that Trump had no symptoms and later tested negative before the debate using a more accurate test, Midler claimed that he tried to infect Biden with the coronavirus deliberately during the debate.

Trump “screeched, sputtered, spit, and foamed at the mouth, hoping to infect Joe. He IS the devil,” Midler tweeted.

Trump has said that the narrative that he was infected with the coronavirus during the debate was “fake news.” “In fact, a test revealed that I did not have COVID prior to the debate,” he tweeted.

She is so off the wall with these accusations that I don’t know how anyone takes her seriously at this point.

Read the full story here.

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33 Responses

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  5. Milder YOU ARE NUTS…. You are so a has-been the only way for you to stay relvent is to make up stories….. Go home and PLEASE STAY THER!!!!

    1. Even that isn’t so great (singing). She should crawl back in her hole and Mind her own business. It took her all this time to open her big mouth. I too say she be sued for deformation as well. She’s a ugly creep.

  6. Ole Beth is an ignorant intolerable pugnacious pig.
    This is the only way she can get her name in the news.
    Beth …who?

  7. These actors need to shut up!! Yes they have the right of free speech, but that does not mean they can defame people willy nilly! Trump did no such thing, and even if he had it, he was far enough away!!! Midler needs to zip it!!!

  8. I don’t know who is dumber: Bette Miller or Joy Behar. The comments coming out of their mouths are sickening! They belong on another planet because they sure as hell don’t know or realize what’s going on in this planet!

  9. Hahahaha that woman is nuts. This woke crap makes me laugh. Since when does Hollywood have an impact with their opinions? Too many chiefs, not enough Indians

  10. It’s amazing how much hate they have for the real president of the United States Donald J trump my only advice to her is there’s many bridges on every road pick one do us all a favor

  11. I am always amazed at how many people are incapable of critical thinking. I think our schools are trying to indoctrinate children so that they won’t think for themselves. Bette is old enough to know better; she wants so badly to BELONG to something that she has swallowed the DumBOcrook party line and refuses to think on her own. There are too many like her. I used to like her singing; it’s harder to do that when I know what a fool she is.

  12. I am done with all these Hollywierd elites. Seriously we all need to stop watching there movies, musid etc.. DONE PERIOD. They are rich because of us, if we stop no more Hollywierd.

  13. This woman, Bete Middler is seeking RECOGNATION: reaching, once again for that long lost FAME AND FORTUNE…… Our President TRUMP is a FAITHFUL MAN to his wife and what he does! JEALOUSY MUST BE PLAYING A GAME with her SOUL! GOD BLESS YOU, Bete Middler & grant you the peace that you need! Try not to do harm to others, thus, you will find HAPPINESS and Blessings from GOD!! “As ye sow, sl shall ye reap!”

  14. Just because you are a singer your opinions don’t matter. Its like the saying opinions are like a holes everyone has one. So shut up and sing.

  15. This worthless biotch is so out of her ever loving mind, how does anyone come to a deduction so absurd that it totally defies logic, oh I forgot, it’s a demoncrap with no common sense, how typical these days. Pay no mind to this idiot/moron.

  16. These Hollywood people are just JEALOUS TRUMP had a award winning show ran for president and WON! They just can’t handle that because they all LIE for a living it bothers them that TRUMP did a fantastic job as POTUS kept every promise he made to the people who elected HIM! So to bad MIDDLER your just a washed up HASBEEN liar!!

  17. Milder u should be arrested for being so woke
    How bout joe gets arrested for Afghanistan, the border, the economy and I could keep going.
    So next time u think trump should be arrested just look at what Joe has done to our country

  18. I equate Joy Behar and Bette Midler. They are two nut cases that nobody should take seriously. One is a has been and one is a never was and I can’t decide which is which!

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