BREAKING: Trump Murder Announcement Rocks Nation – Family Needs…

Donald Trump is now out of the Oval Office, but he isn’t out of the left’s crosshairs. Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi is still obsessed with carrying out tactics meant to shame and punish the former President despite his exit from the White House.

Her latest claim is that she believes Trump could be a charged with “accessory to murder” after the capitol riots. It matters not to Pelosi or her ilk that Trump expressly made calls to avoid violence that day and ever since.

“President’s words are important, they weigh a ton,” said Pelosi. “And if you’re Donald Trump talking to these people, they believe it, and they used his words to come here.”

Despite some of the most distinguished legal minds in the country saying otherwise, Pelosi went on to say she believes Trump may have criminal liability for his words:

We have to get the evidence of that. And if they did, they would be accessory to the crime. And the crime, in some cases, was murder. And this president is an accessory to that crime because he instigated that insurrection that caused those deaths and this destruction.

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