BREAKING: Trump Martial Law Announcement – America In Shock

An announcement just dropped about “martial law” and President Donald Trump has been named. America is in total shock — no one expected it to happen and now there’s no turning back. We have reached an unexplored era in U.S. history.

“Is there anybody having watched Donald Trump for the last three and a half years who doesn’t think Donald Trump would try to employ martial law if he thought that was the only way he could stay in power?” asked MSNBC’s John Heilemann, delusionally.

Heilemann, speaking with another delusional talking head at MSNBC, Joe Scarborough, created an entire narrative surrounding Trump being “an authoritarian president who was preparing to lose an election” based solely upon his decision to send federal troops to quell rioting in Portland.

“You would be saying the things that Donald Trump is saying, and you would be gradually rolling out federal police power into the states against the wishes of the mayors and governors in question,” Heilemann continued. And, of course, Scarborough just let him get away with it.

The liberal media has collective TDS, i.e., Trump Derangement Syndrome. Because of this, it wouldn’t matter if Trump saved the United States from an imminent nuclear attack, they would discover some kind of nefarious, ulterior motive out of thin air and blast it on television.

Here’s the truth: Trump sent troops to Portland in order to protect federal property — and by extension, the city’s residents — from harm. The governor of Oregon and the mayor of Portland have been absolutely useless and someone had to take action. That’s it. That’s why Trump did it.

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