BREAKING: Trump Makes PARDON Announcement – Nation Stunned

President Trump is considering a pardon for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Unsealed documents revealed a conspiracy by the FBI to incriminate Flynn and even without a presidential pardon, Flynn will likely be fully exonerated.

President Trump said, “What they did to Gen Flynn was a disgrace. What they tried to do to destroy him and to hurt this presidency was … perhaps in our country’s history, there’s never been anything like it.”

FBI agents were recently exposed by their own handwritten notes. The notes show that they deliberately misled Flynn in an attempt to get him fired for a procedural crime.

Whether Flynn receives a pardon from the President or is exonerated in court, he may be brought back to the Trump administration.

President Trump said he was open to the idea and “would certainly consider” bringing Flynn back to work in his administration.

The FBI’s antics are more evidence of a deep state that is doing everything it can to bring down the Trump administration. The FBI went after an innocent man, and there is no justice if there is no accountability for them.

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