BREAKING: Trump Makes It Official – Democrats Are FURIOUS

President Donald Trump just made is official and Democrats are furious. They never expected him to make this move will less than 50 days until the November election. They can’t believe what just happened.

“President Donald Trump’s job approval number in the latest Rasmussen polling jumped to 52 percent approve and 46 percent disapprove on Wednesday,” reported John Nolte for Breitbart News. Trump appears to be surging right before the election.

This is good news for him and terrible news for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. People will recall that Biden was supposed to be unbeatable — that he was the “safe bet” to defeat Trump in November. Democrats were wrong.

It is easy to see why Trump’s approval would be above 50-percent now: he has called out the violent rioting that has ravaged U.S. cities for months now and insisted upon law and order, while Biden has coddled these Marxist agitators.

Trump even offered federal assistance to liberal mayors, but they rejected his help — they would rather watch their cities burn than restore peace for their citizens and business owners. And this is going to cost Democrats at the ballot box.

“With a little over six weeks and three presidential debates to go, and with Joe Biden looking more enfeebled and unsteady by the day, we have a real presidential race on our hands,” continued Nolte. Indeed, we do.

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