BREAKING: Trump Makes It Happen – CNN Is FURIOUS

President Donald Trump just made it happen and CNN is absolutely furious. They had the table turned on them unexpectedly, and now they have to live with the truth. This is incredible.

According to a scientific poll commissioned and released by none other than CNN, Trump’s “approval rating is tied with his record high,” reported Breitbart News. The poll results were unveiled earlier just the other day.

Currently, Trump is sitting at a 45% approval rating with Americans. The last time he enjoyed an approval rating this high was back in March of 2017. Considering how close we are to the election, Democrats must be terrified.

In fact, looking at recent history, then-President Barack Obama’s approval numbers during his reelection year were quite similar — with a historic average of 48.6% in 2012. But there’s another thing to keep in mind as well.

The poll CNN just released on Trump has a margin of error of 3.7 points in either direction, meaning Trump’s actual approval rating could be as high as 48.7% and therefore track virtually identical with Obama’s 2012 average.

Let’s also remember another fact: Most U.S. presidents win reelection. Americans aren’t typically keen on changing hands unless there’s a good reason, and Joe Biden simply isn’t doing it for people. Trump will win.

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