BREAKING: Trump Makes His Move – Nation Prepares For…

President Donald Trump just made his move. The nation is preparing for the next step — millions of people are talking about it now. This is amazing.

According to Fox News, Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) are expected to meet in Florida. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to plot a Senate impeachment trial of the former president.

This topic is expected to be discussed. McCarthy has “opposed impeaching Trump” and “more recently expressed concerns about GOP conference chairwoman Liz Cheney’s vote to impeach Trump,” reported Fox News.

But attention now shifts to the Senate. Recently, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) forced a vote on the constitutionality of a trial against Trump, who is a private citizen. The motion was defeated 55-45, but it accomplished its purpose.

When the time comes to convict or acquit Trump, 45 Republicans will vote to acquit him of the House’s impeachment charges — Democrats would need two-thirds of the Senate chamber to get a successful conviction.

It is a good thing their push won’t succeed, either. The Constitution does not authorize convicting a private citizen, only a sitting president. Democrats don’t care about shredding the Constitution; they care more about political revenge.

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