BREAKING: Trump Lawsuit Shocker – Child Is Proven To Be…

The parents of two toddlers used in a satirical meme video are now suing the meme creator, President Donald Trump and his campaign, who retweeted the video on Twitter.

Meme maker Carpe Donktum used the twins’ video, which had been widely available on the internet and had been viewed millions of times, to make a “racist baby” parody video that showed CNN giving a fake news report about two toddlers.

Twitter eventually banned the video and suspended Carpe Donktum’s account, which prompted a number of prominent conservatives to abandon Twitter and move their accounts to the Parler app instead. It was also taken off Facebook after the parents filed a copyright complaint.

The lawsuit claims that the video was altered and used as an “advertisement and political propaganda” without getting permission from the parents.

Lawyers for the parents claimed that Twitter and Facebook’s quick removal of the video shows that they have a valid case against the meme-maker and Trump.

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