BREAKING: Trump JUDGES Announcement – Media FUMING

An announcement about President Trump’s judicial picks just dropped. The mainstream media is fuming, but they have committed malpractice again. They will never give our president a fair shake.

According to NBC News, “A third of Trump’s court nominees have anti-LGBTQ history.” NBC cited a “report” to back up their claim, but come to find out, it was from Lambda Legal — a radical and far-left advocacy group.

Lambda has an extreme political bias against Trump and Republicans, yet NBC cited their report like it is 100% factual and did not question it. The truth, of course, is anywhere close to Lambda’s assertion.

One of Trump’s nominees “expressed opposition to same-sex marriage in the past,” reported Breitbart. Another nominee “opposed separate LGBTQ dorms on campus,” and to Lambda, this constitutes “animosity” to LGBTQ people.

Trump simply cares about qualifications. The president has nominated two gay individuals for judicial appointments — something NBC decided to leave out of their one-sided hit piece. But this shouldn’t surprise anymore.

The mainstream media predominately serves as an extension of the Democratic Party, with the goal being to hurt Trump however possible, even if that means waving around a partisan, factually inaccurate report.

Read the full story here.

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