BREAKING: Trump Jr. Stuns Nation – It’s OVER

President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., just stunned the nation on national television. Millions of people across the country are in shock. It is over.

Appearing on Fox News, Trump Jr. pointed out the double-standard there seems to be — even legally sometimes — between Trump opponents and Trump supporters. “If you’re a Trump guy, it’s over!” he said.

“It’s like, there is not equal justice under the law,” he said during the interview with Jesse Watters. “If you’re one of them, you’re good. You can get away with any of these things.”

He pointed out how both Roger Stone and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe “lied to Congress,” however, Stone was prosecuted while McCabe was let off the hook completely.

Trump Jr. also commented on the Democrats trying to turn President Trump’s tweets about the Stone case into another witch-hunt, even though “he tweeted about something that had already happened.”

However, Democrats are accusing Attorney General William Barr and the DOJ of recommending a reduced sentence for Stone as ‘proof’ Trump meddled in the case. “This is the sickness,” said Trump Jr.

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