BREAKING: Trump Jr. Exposes Sick Democrat Secret – Nation Stunned

Donald Trump Jr. just exposed the Democratic Party’s disgusting secret. Millions of people across the nation are stunned, and now a political tidal wave could be building as people head to the ballot box in November.

“Name a single mainstream Democrat politician who has even denounced the rioting and looting,” said Trump Jr. during an interview with Breitbart News earlier this week. “I literally can’t. I can’t do it.”

He then made a point to discuss what Democrats have condemned. “I’ve seen them denounce people for going to church,” he said. “I’ve seen them denounce people for opening their business and trying to put food on their table.”

It is a stark contrast, is it not? When it comes to politicians — and especially liberal ones — you can discover quickly what they are all about by what they choose to condemn and what they choose to either explicitly or tacitly approve.

As violence continues to rage through major U.S. cities, Democrats at the national and local level are encouraging it while also refusing to support law-abiding citizens who just want their homes, businesses, and communities to be safe.

Trump Jr. also highlighted his father’s progress on behalf of all Americans over the last four years. He praised President Donald Trump’s “policies that are raising incomes for low-income earners” regardless of race or background. That is the American Dream.

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