BREAKING: Trump Jr. ERUPTS – He CRUSHED The Snowflake Libs

President Donald Trump was an incredibly famous celebrity prior to entering politics and was known for making cameo appearances in all sort of movies and television programs over the years.

One of Trump’s more well-known cameos came in the hit Christmas classic “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” in which Trump gave star Macauley Culkin’s character Kevin McAllister directions on how to find the lobby in the famed Plaza Hotel in New York City.

However, Canadian viewers of that hit movie noticed this year that the famous scene had inexplicably been cut from the film when it was aired by the state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a move that some suspect of being politically motivated and which the president’s eldest son, Don Jr., called “absolutely pathetic” in a viral social media post.

In a post to Instagram, Trump Jr. wrote: “Absolutely pathetic. The liberal media like @cbc is where Trump Derangement Syndrome manifests itself fully. Imagine being so pathetic in your quest to attain some BS level of wokeness that you need to cut out a scene that is probably one of the most famous cameos of the era?”

He went on to noted that overt partisan bias like what the CBC had done was “what we are up against in 2020,” but noted that “People see through this crap and are fed up of it.”

For what it is worth, the CBC claimed to have cut the brief Trump scene, along with other portions of that particular film, several years ago in order to make more time for advertisements.

You can read the full story right here.

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