BREAKING: Trump Jail Announcement – Nation Shocked

A stunning ‘jail announcement’ just dropped and President Donald Trump is involved. Millions of people across the nation are completely shocked — no one expected this to happen.

“No, Radical Left anarchists, agitators, looters or protesters will not be knocking down or harming the Washington Monument, the Lincoln or Jefferson Memorials,” Trump tweeted. “If they even try, an automatic 10 years in prison. Sorry!”

Trump also warned against “just about any” federal monument or statue being vandalized. Of course, he cannot determine whether the prison sentence is an automatic 10 years, however, he is using some necessary hyperbole to make a point.

First of all, Trump wants Americans to know how seriously the federal government is taking the threats against and destruction of U.S. historical markers. This is why he signed an executive order in June to protect them however legally possible.

In Trump’s order, which cited the Veterans’ Memorial Preservation Act, “offenders can face up to 10 years behind bars and a fine,” according to Fox News this week — if the suspect is found guilty of the crime.

Ultimately, however, Trump is drawing a contrast between his administration and the one Joe Biden would establish. Trump is committed to defending American history, while Biden would surely buckle to the Democratic Party’s far-left base.

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