BREAKING: Trump Issues Urgent Warning – He’s Making The Call

President Donald Trump has issued an urgent warning — he is making the call and millions of people are stunned. Americans nationwide are paying close attention. This is critical.

On Monday, Trump hosted a last-minute rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in order to boost his chances in the state. The decision appears to have paid off as the state will likely go to him once the race is called.

It is vital that he hangs onto North Carolina as well. The election has tightened significantly as votes are being counted and we may not know the true victor until the end of this week or later. A court battle could even be brewing.

Regardless of the outcome, however, America will remain a deeply-divided nation politically. But the radical left won’t be able to see this as any kind of win. In fact, it already looks like the Senate will remain in Republican hands.

This means — even if Joe Biden somehow squeaks out a win — none of his left-wing policy goals will be pushed through. It is truly a nightmare scenario for the Democratic Party.

But don’t lose hope on Trump, either. Votes are still being counted and every ballot will be scrutinized. Democrats won’t be allowed to steal this presidential election. It is time to pray, America.

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