BREAKING: Trump Is OUT – Voters In Shock

President Donald Trump is out and millions of voters are stunned. No one expected this to happen with less than 30 days until the November election. Something must be done.

“Over 2,000 voters in Los Angeles County received ‘faulty’ ballots which lacked a section to vote for the President of the United States,” reported Breitbart News this week.

Breitbart’s report, based upon information from the Los Angeles Times and county government, noted that the section was quite literally “missing.” This should alarm every voter across the country.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) touted his decision to mail “every registered voter a ballot,” but look at what happened during the rush — about 2,100 people received a flawed ballot.

Newsom, defending his plan, said that “No Californian should be forced to risk their health in order to exercise their right to vote,” yet the debacle in Los Angeles County shows the right to right was put at risk anyway.

Voters who received the faulty ballots are getting replacements, but if this happened in one county, then it can happen everywhere. This is why we should continue to rely on our traditional system: in-person voting and a certified absentee ballot for those who need one.

Read the full story here.

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