BREAKING: Trump Is FINISHED – Nation Stunned

President Donald Trump is completely finished. People are wondering what his next step will be, and he provided some insight during a press conference this week. The nation is stunned.

“President Trump … said he will finish his treatment of hydroxychloroquine in ‘about two days’ — just days after he announced that he was taking the antimalarial drug as a preventative against the novel coronavirus,” reported Fox News.

Of course, anti-Trump members of the media have tried to disparage him for even mentioning hydroxychloroquine, with some going so far as to claim he is would have blood on his hands if someone got hurt taking it.

But Trump has never suggested that someone shouldn’t seek a formal doctor’s consultation first. All he has done is bring up the drug in conversation since it has shown some promise for certain patients, including a legislator from Michigan.

“For me, it saved my life,” said Rep. Karen Whitsett, a Democratic member of Michigan’s legislature. “If President Trump had not talked about this, it would not be something that’s accessible for anyone to get, not right now.”

Now, as Trump nears the end of his prescribed regimen of hydroxychloroquine — he came into contact with someone who contracted COVID-19 almost two weeks — liberals are still trying to make him look like a fool. Typical behavior.

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