BREAKING: Trump Is EXTENDING It – Executive Order Shocks Nation

President Donald Trump just extended it. His executive order has completely shocked the nation — Democrats hate what he did.

According to Breitbart News, Trump “has extended pandemic-related bans on green cards and work visas to large groups of applicants through March 31.” This is to help the United States with its current unemployment crisis.

Tragically, liberal states continue to support lockdown policies to combat COVID-19. Lockdowns don’t work, they destroy jobs, and they drive people into poverty, but Democrat governors apparently do not care.

With Trump’s executive order, at least U.S. workers won’t be getting undercut by an influx of foreign workers who can work for lower wages. Once again, the president is looking out for Americans — even as his days in office wane.

But this may not be a foregone conclusion, either. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has agreed to participate in challenging the election results on January 6. Several Republican members of the House have already agreed to do so.

This will trigger a much-needed floor debate about the election results and force Democrats to discuss the voting irregularities and allegations of fraud. The evidence deserves a full and complete review.

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