BREAKING: Trump Is CHEERING – Vote Announcement Stuns White House

The Trump campaign said on Wednesday that it believed President Donald Trump could still win at least 270 electoral votes if all the remaining legal votes were counted.

Campaign manager Bill Stepien said the campaign believed Trump would win Nevada by around 5,500 votes, Arizona by 30,000, and Pennsyvlania by 40,000, based on the number of votes left to tally and the percentages they thought Trump would get.

“We want to make sure all the legally cast ballots are counted, we also want to make sure that illegally ballots are not counted,” Trump campaign senior advisor Jason Miller said.

“This is a math equation. When we count the remaining ballots in a legal fashion, apply realistic and conservative estimates to those remaining ballots, the President can win, the President will win,” Stepien said.

If Biden wins any of those states instead of Trump, the path to 270 electoral votes would likely be closed. On Thursday, Biden widened his lead in Nevada as more votes were counted.

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