BREAKING: Trump Insider Spills The Beans – Tells The Truth

A Republican insider just spilled the beans on President Trump’s feud with George Conway.

George Conway is the husband to one of Trump’s top White House aides, Kellyane Conway. George Conway has been attacking President Trump via twitter for several days now. Conway charged Trump with having “narcissistic personality disorder”, among other ugly accusations.

President Trump fired back by saying that “Mr Kellyanne Conway” is “jealous of his wife’s success.” Trump called him a “a stone cold LOSER & husband from hell!” in a series of tweets.

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz just told the truth behind President Trump’s response to Conway’s persistent goading in recent days.

Gaetz revealed that “it’s frustrating for [Trump] to see George Conway be so critical when Kellyanne has been such a part of the great success that’s driving country.”

Matt Gaetz also responded to the accusations of mental health disorders against Trump. Gaetz said that “obviously that’s a view held by someone who doesn’t get to see how he, I think, feels for the country and does a lot to see that people live better lives.”

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