BREAKING: Trump Insider Exposes FBI Conspiracy – This Is AWFUL…

Former White House economic adviser Peter Navarro has filed in federal court saying that when he was arrested last week for contempt of Congress, he was not read his Miranda rights or allowed access to his attorney.

Navarro refused to testify before the January 6 committee despite a subpoena because he said his conversations with former President Donald Trump were subject to executive privilege.

“As soon as the defendant asked to call for legal advice, the agents should have read from a written card the defendant his Miranda rights and done everything within their power to allow him a phone call to seek legal advice as he requested well prior to his court appearance,” the complaint alleged. “They did not do so and thereby deprived the defendant of appropriate legal counsel.”

Navarro also claimed he was put in leg irons and held in a cell without water. He is seeking a continuance but wants documents and video of his arrest to prove his case against the FBI.

He was given a public defender but has decided to represent himself in the case, saying she didn’t know the facts pertaining to it.

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