BREAKING: Trump Health Bombshell – White House Doctors Issues Statement…

A bombshell just dropped about President Donald Trump’s health. The White House doctor has issued a statement and people are stunned — he publicly revealed everything. This is stunning.

“The LIES about @realDonaldTrump‘s health are DISGUSTING,” tweeted Ronny Jackson, one of Trump’s former White House physicians. He set the record straight in a video that already has over 620,000 views.

“Here’s the truth: As the President’s doctor, I knew about this trip WEEKS in advance & it had NOTHING to do with his brain or heart,” Jackson continued. Then he went directly after CNN for spreading the deception.

Jackson said that CNN is “using this as a distraction to cover for the cognitively compromised Joe Biden.” He couldn’t be more right. Biden’s mental acuity has been on the decline for a long time — it is completely obvious.

Trump, in return, has brought this up and it is fair game. After all, the president of the United States must have all of his faculties in order to lead the nation. It is clear that Biden doesn’t have what it takes anymore.

As Jackson pointed out, Trump’s mind and heart are healthy and he is prepared to continue leading. When Americans go to the ballot box in November, they will repudiate the mainstream media’s baseless attacks and re-elect Trump in a landslide.

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