BREAKING: Trump-Hating Cher LOSES Mind In Front Of Nation – What a Sad Joke

Cher apparently enjoys emojis and all caps, and she put them to use as she took to Twitter to rant about Republican Glen Youngkin’s victory in the Virginia gubernatorial race.

“More than an hour later (and with the caps lock still on) Cher bemoaned the Democrats failing to pass Joe Biden’s legislative agenda and called Republicans ‘Nazi’s,'” according to Breitbart News.

She really likes that caps lock. And she really hates the GOP.

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10 Responses

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  4. This raving lunatic is nothing but a card-carrying communist. I cannot believe she actually THINKS mentally-ill criminal , dementia-Joe, and the constitutionally ineligible, anchor baby HO “heels-up harris” are “running the country” . Perhaps she needs to move to another country that will actually believe her “rantings”. she is a SICK “has-been” that needs to be admitted to a SECURE psychiatric facility for a long “rest” (years)

  5. Cher WHO? Thought she was dead. I guess Blood sucking vampires live forever, even longer than the average left wing nuts Democrat blood suckers.

  6. Cher, you have enjoyed all the perks of our country and capitalism. Why are you now railing against a free America. Why do you think you were able to have the successes you have had. You are a traitor to our country. Why don’t you go somewhere where they practice all the stupid economic agendas that you seem to love. GO

  7. Cher, you dumb NAZI RACIST B+++H.
    Dictator Biden hasn’t done a damn thing for the American People except
    F++K them over. Runaway inflation, illegal aliens running loose all over
    the country, etc, etc!!! You damn liberal elitist don’t know jack sh+t.

    ==K ++

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