BREAKING: Trump Haters Get Bad News After He QUITS – Here Are The Details…

According to an announcement from the Manhattan district attorney’s office on Friday, a new prosecutor has been appointed to lead the case against former President Donald Trump.

Going forward, Susan Hoffinger will be the new face of the investigation into Trump and his family business.

Hoffinger is replacing Special Counsel Carey Dunne, and Mark Pomerantz, who resigned after Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg indicated that the case against Trump was weak and had a slim chance of success.

Ron Fischetti, a lawyer representing Trump and his business, responded to the news of the resignation by saying “the case is over,” much to the dismay of the many rabid Trump haters following the case.

It was clear from the beginning that the investigation into Trump was politically motivated, and the viability of the case wasn’t important to the ideological crusaders who only cared to get back at Trump.

New York Democrats wanted to investigate if Trump had inflated the value of his real estate holdings, and clearly, they haven’t found what they wanted. Hoffinger will be the fall guy for the left’s latest failed attempt at bringing Trump down.

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