BREAKING: Trump Grandson ATTACKED – White House Stunned

The mainstream media is going after President Trump’s grandson, in its latest disgraceful and petty display of  their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS.)

In a speech on Thursday at the RNC, Ivanka Trump said, “My son Joseph promptly built grandpa a Lego replica of the White House. The president still displays it on the mantel in the Oval Office and shows it to world leaders, just so they know he has the greatest grandchildren on earth.”

Of course, mainstream media figures claimed that no such lego replica of the White House was displayed in the Oval Office.

Bloomberg News’s White House editor, Alex Wayne said, “Our reporters are in the Oval Office nearly every day. None of them have ever seen the Lego White House.”

After the White House responded to the ridiculous claims by proving the existence of the lego replica, journalists continued to press the matter.

“Journalist” Andrea Bernstein responded saying, “Ivanka Trump has tweeted a photo of her son, Joseph, with his grandfather at the Resolute Desk with the Lego White House. I’ve asked the White House if 3-year old Joseph indeed built it of his own initiative, and if he had assistance.” And journalists wonder why most Americans hate them.

Read the full story here.

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