BREAKING: Trump Gets VINDICATED – She Says He Saved Her…

President Donald Trump was just publicly vindicated. A high-ranking politician has credited Trump with saving her — and she’s a Democrat. The mainstream media doesn’t know what to do now.

Rep. Karen Whitsett, who serves in the Michigan House of Representatives, said that her recovery from COVID-19 “has a lot to do with the president … bringing it up.” She asked her doctor to consider hydroxychloroquine.

After being prescribed the drug, which Trump touted as a potentially beneficial to those suffering from the virus, she started to experience relief in “less than two hours.” Whitsett credits him, in part, for saving her life.

“I do thank him for that,” she said, and even Trump responded to the news. “Congratulations to State Representative Karen Whitsett of Michigan,” he tweeted. “So glad you are getting better!”

Now, it cannot be stated enough that anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or formally diagnosed with the illness should consult a doctor on any treatments. This goes without saying, of course, but Democrats lost their minds anyway.

As soon as Trump announced the potential application of hydroxychloroquine, anti-Trump liberals accused him of trying to be a doctor and even possibly being responsible for murder. Their insane behavior knows no bounds.

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