BREAKING: Trump Gets The Call – White House Cheering

The Associated Press called the state of Alaska for President Donald Trump a week after the election and days after several media outlets projected Joe Biden as the winner of the nation-wide election.

Georgia and South Carolina have not yet been called for either candidate; Trump leads in South Carolina and Biden narrowly leads in Georgia. Both states have enough ballots left to count to theoretically flip to the other candidate, but seem unlikely to do so.

Numbers are also close in Wisconsin and Arizona, where Biden leads but the Trump campaign is requesting recounts.

Trump is also challenging votes in Pennsylvania, where Biden leads by a larger number but dozens of voter irregularities have been reported.

Overcoming deficits in several states would be needed to flip enough electoral votes for Trump to win the election, but until court challenges play out, he has refused to concede or acknowledge Biden as the president-elect.

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