BREAKING: Trump Gets Stunning News From GOP Insider – Is This True?

Arkansas Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson said on Fox News Sunday that he thinks there are many Republicans “looking for an off-ramp” from the leadership of former President Donald Trump.

Specifically, Hutchinson said he and others think Trump went off the rails in continuing to push the idea that he didn’t actually lose the 2020 election and that voter fraud was responsible for the outcome.

Hutchinson said, “I hope that the future of the Republican Party is different than former President Trump’s leadership. I hope we move in a different direction. I believe that what happened on January 6 is a lot at his feet. It was wrong for our country, and for him to continue to push that theory, I agree, is the wrong direction for the Republican Party.”

He admitted that “there’s a lot of things that he did that were very good that the base and I agree with,” but still thinks new leadership is needed.

The question is, will any other candidate be able to do what Trump did economically, with immigration, and in terms of preserving freedoms? At this point, we just don’t know.

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