BREAKING: Trump Gets It – Georgia Announces Huge News

President Donald Trump just got it. Georgia has announced major news and it could benefit Trump in the presidential race. This is a stunning development — Democrats hate it.

“At 1 p.m. today, I will make the official designation of which race will be the subject of the RLA,” otherwise known as a risk-limiting audit, said Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. He announced that it would be the presidential race.

But instead of conducting a sample recount, which is typical of an RLA, he has decided to order a hand-by-hand recount in each Georgia county. This could take several days, but it is well worth the trouble.

“With the margin being so close, it will require a full, by-hand recount in each county,” said Raffensperger. “It will be a heavy lift, but we will work with the counties to get this done in time for our state certification.”

It is a sure bet that Joe Biden and his campaign are becoming increasingly frustrated. They expected an easy race — they also expected Trump to quickly concede on election night. Instead, however, he is waiting for all votes to be counted.

Now, if irregularities or even fraud occurred in Georgia’s election, it will be discovered and fixed. This may not flip the state for Trump (though it’s certainly a possibility), but at least voters will be able to have more confidence in the system.

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