BREAKING: Trump Gets HUGE Win – White House Cheering

President Donald Trump just garnered a huge win and the White House is cheering. Even as votes are still being counted to determine the outcome of this hotly contested election, Americans can look to some positive news.

According to Breitbart News, jobless claims in the United States have dipped to the lowest level since March — which was about the time that the COVID-19 crisis tragically compelled business closures and various other measures.

“New weekly jobless claims 751,000 for the week ended October 31, the Department of Labor said Thursday,” noted Breitbart, with the weekly average falling from the initial onslaught of claims back in March. This is much-needed progress.

Interestingly enough, jobless claims remain the highest in states like California, Nevada, Illinois, and Michigan — all under the control of Democrat governors that instituted job-killing lockdowns. This is no coincidence.

Instead of finding a balance, Democrats have supported a one-size-fits-all approach, including Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. If he becomes president, look for him to push terribly lopsided policies to combat the virus.

Thankfully, Trump refused to dictate from on high, instead choosing to restrict travel to and from hotspots (ex. China), establishing the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and empowering states to make their own decisions. That’s leadership.

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