BREAKING: Trump Gets Huge Win – Judge Blocks It

President Donald  Trump just scored a huge win in court. The White House is cheering, but liberal Democrats are furious — they can’t believe a judge blocked their dastardly plan.

A book by Trump’s niece “cannot be published until a judge decides the merits of claims by the president’s brother that its publication would violate a pact among family members,” reported the AP.

Judge Hal B. Greenwald, a New York Supreme Court justice, issued the order and thereby provided temporary relief to Trump on an alleged “tell-all” book that is dropping five months before an election.

After the ruling, Mary Trump’s lawyer claimed the book “addresses matters of great public concern and importance about a sitting president in election year, should not be suppressed even for one day.”

It is obvious what is going on here: politics. Trump’s niece, Mary, might as well be working for the Democratic Party. And her upcoming book is already considered a “bestseller” on

But it is likely only being purchased by Trump’s political opponents and liberals, meaning the impact it will have outside of a particular political bubble — the anti-Trump one — will be small.

Read the full story here.

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