BREAKING: Trump Gets HUGE Win – Democrats Speechless

President Trump got a huge win and left his political opponents speechless as the jobs report for May was released and showed incredible recovery from the economy.

The unemployment rate fell by 1.4% and the economy tacked on 2.5 million jobs after the numbers beat predictions that forecast another 8 million jobs lost.

President Trump said, “This is outstanding what happened today. This is better than a ‘V,’ this is a rocket ship.”

The quickly recovering economy is more evidence of the strong fundamentals of the Trump economy. In spite of the catastrophic losses from the lockdown, America is bouncing back.

This is a huge win for President Trump who will need a vibrant and strong economy to coast to an easy victory in November.

A strong economy will also put Democrats under further scrutiny after they attempted to pin the lockdown crash on Trump. Now they have no choice to acknowledge Trump’s success.

Read the full story here.

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