BREAKING: Trump Gets Huge Win – Biden Furious

President Donald Trump just scored a huge win and Joe Biden is furious. The Democratic nominee thought he was going to easily waltz into the White House — and he was completely wrong.

According to a scientific poll conducted by Rasmussen, Trump “now leads presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the key battleground state of North Carolina by one point.”

As it stands, Rasmussen has Trump at 48% support and Biden at 47% support. The poll’s margin of error is also 4% in either direction — meaning at least one possibility places Trump at 52% support.

Breitbart News also noted the following: “For instance, when asked who they think will win the election, regardless of their personal preference, Trump beats Biden by 6 points (47-41).”

This is an important observation and worth exploring further. One key element to an election is the power of perception — which, in this case, is the perception that Trump is going to win.

Democrats want to paint Trump as weak and destined to lose, however, the emerging numbers in battleground states like North Carolina and others tell an entirely different story. Reality is going to hit Biden hard.

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