BREAKING: Trump Gets HUGE Supreme Court Win – Dems Furious

The U.S. Supreme Court temporarily blocked House Democrats from seeing redacted grand jury testimony from the Mueller report that the lawmakers claim may be important to an ongoing investigation into President Donald Trump.

The order granted the Trump administration’s request to keep the materials private, as grand jury materials typcially are because they often contain confidential information.

The court will decide over the summer whether to schedule the case for arguments in the fall. If it does, the Trump administration may be able to delay the release until after the election.

If Trump loses in November or the Republicans take over the House, the nation’s high court may never have to decide the case because Biden would readily turn the materials over, and a Republican House wouldn’t ask.

Although Mueller’s report didn’t find any Russia collusion or enough evidence to pursue obstruction charges, House Democrats have insisted that they need the redacted materials to decide for themselves whether anything in them constitutes wrongdoing–a fishing expedition that the court has now delayed and may deny them altogether in the end.

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