BREAKING: Trump Gets GREAT News From Ohio – Dems Stunned

President Donald Trump just received great news from Ohio. The Democratic Party is stunned — they never expected this to happen and it could upend their plans for the White House.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that Trump is “going to do exceedingly well in what historically has been a Democrat area.” His final prediction: Trump wins Ohio “by two points.”

Cuomo attempted to counter by putting a negative spin on the governor’s prediction. He noted how Trump “won Ohio by eight points in 2016,” yet the race this year is essentially a dead heat. He called this “a red flag” for Trump.

However, DeWine logically pointed out the challenges 2020 has posed as the reason. “Well look, we are in the midst of a pandemic, and this is a tough, tough time,” he said. “And so, you know, it’s going to be closer.”

But he also told Cuomo and CNN’s audience — a crowd that generally doesn’t want to hear any good news about Trump — that the president is doing well in “the Ohio Valley, Eastern Ohio,” which is a Democrat stronghold.

DeWine underscored the large turnout in rural parts of the state as well — something that is ultimately going to tip Ohio and possibly other battleground states in Trump’s favor. He said it is all going to come down to the ground game, where Trump has the advantage.

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