BREAKING: Trump Gets Good News – Biden FUMING

Former President Donald Trump got some great news as Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) conceded that Trump successfully dealt with China by taking “bold and aggressive” action.

The anemic and weak power projection of President Joe Biden has gotten so bad that even Democrats are being forced to admit that maybe Trump was doing something right.

Of course, Coons qualified his praise of Trump with criticism saying, “President Trump took bold and aggressive steps to confront China’s economic and intellectual theft of our innovation … but he did so in ways that genuinely divided us from our allies.”

Democrats repeatedly criticized Trump for his disregard of our “allies” without recognizing that our “allies” may be obstacles to achieving important objectives abroad.

Democrats fail to understand the idea behind “America First” foreign policy. Our allies come second to our own interests, which come first. Trump understood that well and acted on it, and was able to achieve incredible things.

It is becoming clear that President Biden is already setting himself up for failure, and Democrats have a reason to be concerned about how it will affect their electoral future.

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2 Responses

  1. If the democrats keep up their line of division of people’s freedoms, the republicans are going to win from now on: with the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Shift, Waters, Harris, Biden, and the rest of the spineless, gutless wonders; folks are sick of the mess they are making of our country; and cannot wait to vote all of them out of office. Harris is no dam good on her feet she cannot even do what the president told her to do, she can only understand the job on her back.

  2. I just hope that the Democrats that have not seen this happen the crisis at the border crisis castrated gutless Biden and his sheep plus pigloser Pelosi trudged schit to Sanders and the do called squad aoc that bonnet wearing con artist poconos and a new green deal that is going to turn into brown and broken turning the United states of America into death of the and people this country has been destroyed by Pelosi and Harris and coma Joe Biden

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