BREAKING: Trump Gets Fantastic News – Election Victory Stuns Nation

South Carolina GOP Chair Drew McKissick, who former President Trump endorsed, won reelection for the Party chairmanship after the SCGOP conducted its largest reorganization in history.

McKissick beat lawyer Lin Wood for the position and issued a statement saying, “Thanks to the grassroots activists across the state, the SCGOP is stronger than it’s ever been.”

McKissick’s victory wasn’t even close as he walked away with 68% of the vote. McKissick received 582 votes to Wood’s 239 serving as a sign that Trump’s endorsement may be the key to victory for Republicans.

The statement continued saying, “During his last term alone, the SCGOP increased membership to its grassroots donor support system by 300%, identified more than 6,000 volunteers, and directed the Victory 2020 program that elected the most Republicans across the state since the Civil War and beat Democrats by 17 points.”

Any Republicans seeking leadership positions in the GOP would be wise to court the endorsement of Trump. Trump’s voter base is still potent and has the ability to determine the outcome of any election.

The success of McKissick and the GOP in South Carolina is an important part of the GOP’s overall strategy to retake power in the 2022 midterms. Republicans need to lock down their strongholds, and McKissick seems to be the right man for the job in South Carolina.

Read the full story here.

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