BREAKING: Trump Gets Cancelled – GOP Is FURIOUS

President Donald Trump just got canceled. The Republican Party is furious and won’t let Trump’s political enemies get away with something so despicable. It is going down.

After Trump announced that he would not agree to an online-only debate with Joe Biden, the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to cancel the second debate altogether. This is a sign of a “corrupt debate commission,” said the RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

The commission, of course, has claimed that their decision has stemmed from Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, but as McDaniel pointed out during an interview on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation,’ that is nothing more than a smokescreen to held Biden.

“They did not follow the science,” said McDaniel.  “It was done unilaterally without talking to the candidates, and they interfered in the election. It is corrupt. It is what D.C. is. They are in the pocket of Joe Biden.”

In short, the virus has not been detectable in Trump’s body — he recovered quickly from it — and yet the commission still insisted upon a virtual debate. Then, when Trump dropped about, they canceled the debate. It is madness.

McDaniel is right: This wasn’t about COVID-19. It was and remains about helping Biden. But American voters are about to make their voices heard at the ballot box on November 3 — and Biden and his swamp creatures are in for a major shock.

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