BREAKING: Trump Future Bombshell – Announcement Shocks Nation

Failed Democrat presidential contender Amy Klobuchar has declared Donald Trump to be done.

It’s not clear how her unsuccessful bid for the presidency qualifies her to make such decisions and she cited no evidence other than her hope mixed with her party’s second failed attempt to convict Trump a second time.

“The American people have now seen clear out what he did,” said Klobuchar in a recent interview. “He violated his oath of office in what Liz Cheney called the greatest portrayal of a president’s oath of office in history, and those memories and those police officers’ screams will be forever etched in the memories of Americans. He is done.”

Again, Klobuchar is citing claims made that ultimately were unsuccessful in the Senate. No official word from the Trump team supports the speculation from Klobuchar.

Just like the hearings, she’s just another Democrat making an conclusory statement with no evidence.

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