BREAKING: Trump Friend Gives Stunning Update – Virus Has Now…

Former Trump adviser, now radio host Sebastian Gorka says that he thinks he had undiagnosed coronavirus in January, before any testing started in the U.S.

“I had it in January. I had the longest cough. They put me on one of these little inhaler thingies, and I think I had it back in January. And I’ve heard this story so many times,” Gorka said.

“I think we will all find out that many, many more people have had it then,” he continued. “That’s why the mortality figures are going to work out to be much better than we expected.”

Gorka was also at CPAC in mid-February where another attendee had the virus. No community spread was reported in the U.S. until late February.

If Gorka is right, new antibody tests available next week should reveal that large numbers of people in certain communities have already had the virus and may allow the shutdowns to end more quickly.

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