BREAKING: Trump Flips The Script – No One Saw It Coming

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 28,332.74 on Monday, which signified 10,000 points gained since President Donald Trump was elected.

Stocks almost immediately began to rise with Trump’s election because he had campaigned on a platform favorable to the overall economy. As he succeeded in getting tax cuts and business-friendly reforms enacted, the economy has rapidly improved.

Before Trump’s win, stocks had not reached record highs since 2011.

Unemployment is at 50-year lows and wages have also risen since he took office, giving the markets a lot to be happy about. Trump has also renegotiated trade deals with other countries that are more favorable to the U.S.

Cutting the capital gains tax rate and keeping interest rates low have spurred more investors to get into the market, which has driven the indexes up as well.

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