BREAKING: Trump Finally Does It – China Stunned

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Thursday that President Trump is looking into countering Chinese academic espionage.

In an interview with Fox New’s Laura Ingraham Pompeo said, “President Trump, I am confident, is going to take that on.  I don’t want to get in front of what he’s going to say tomorrow, but the American people should know that the Chinese Communist Party has worked to have enormous influence here in the United States.”

The Chinese Communist Party is a threat in many ways and will exploit any weakness to get an edge.

Pompeo continued saying, “We have an obligation – a duty – to make sure that students who are coming here to study, to take the benefits of coming to America to learn and to benefit from what we can provide to them, aren’t acting on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.”

The Chinese Communist Party has been actively recruiting “high-end professionals” through its Thousand Talents Plan.

There are multiple legislative actions being pursued at this time, but President Trump will likely integrate the idea into his overall strategy to pushback against China.

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