BREAKING: Trump Fights Back – Fox News Stunned

President Donald Trump just fought back and Fox News is stunned. Millions of viewers witnessed Trump’s expert takedown of the Democrat narrative and now the video is spreading nationwide.

The host of ‘Fox News Sunday,’ Chris Wallace, grilled Trump on several topics — including the U.S. handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I think we have the lowest mortality rate in the world,” he said, citing a White House report.

Trump also noted how the virus has been a moving target. “Everybody thought this summer it would go away and it would come back in the fall,” he said. The experts said “the heat was good for it” and “they got that one wrong.”

Here, Trump isn’t blame-shifting at all — he is simply making an important point that even doctors and infectious disease experts are having to respond to new data due to a fluid, ever-evolving situation, That is just reality.

But Democrats and possibly even Wallace want to pin the 140,909 deaths in the United States on Trump, even though he has don’t virtually everything within his constitutional power to help — such as instituting travel bans from hot spots.

Wallace continued to press in. “Look, I take responsibility always for everything because it’s ultimately my job,” said Trump, but he also pointed out another fact. “Some governors have done well, some governors have done poorly,” he said.

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